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Maggie Rizer by Irving Penn + Chanel Couture Show summer/spring 2000
how i see things
Maggie Rizer by Irving Penn

     It's just great when you come back from holidays and you have some nice comments on your blog, thank you for the nice words, it's very much appreciated.

     Well, after all this summer flesh, i wanted the ultimate dream of fashion : Couture, Couture , Couture !!! At my parents'house, i found back some old VHS from another life !! A life where i was a teen who religiously videotaped and collected everything about fashion ! A lot is damaged, unfortunately, but i saved and digitalized some nice material (the quality is not the best, but enough to enjoy).

     So here is Karl Lagerfeld's work when he was inspired (i think his talent has severly decreased lately, but...just my opinion...)

Chanel Couture spring/summer 2000, great collection !

And below is the classic editorial shot by Irving Penn with Maggie Rizer wearing spring/summer 2000 couture. The story is interesting too, so i post the all spread.

From Vogue US april 2000
"How To Wear Couture"
Fashion editor : Phyllis Posnick

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